1. Fedora 14 Needs A Slogan

    With the alpha release due out in less than a fortnight, work on Fedora 14 is progressing apace. Part of that includes the invention of a release slogan, a short imperative that “reflect[s] the idea that Fedora helps the user achieve something great” and touches on the theme of emergence.

  2. Microblogging as obfpen at

    Microblogging finally has me in its grips. Well, sort of. I succumbed to creating an account on Thursday night, and yesterday morning I thought of something suitably unimportant to write as a first, unfollowed “dent”. The open-source angel on my left shoulder told me to go with, where my username is obfpen.

  3. Ubuntu?

    In the library this afternoon, I tried connecting to the internet but wasn’t having much luck. The conversation I had with the librarian about it reminded me of how other people see computers.