Fedora Slideshow Template

Last weekend, I read about the latest Fedora Design Team Bi-Weekly Bounty on Máirín Duffy’s blog. The challenge of creating a slideshow template seemed like one I could meet, but I suspected that I was going to be kept busy working on Create Background Slideshow[1] and didn’t want to put anyone else off by claiming the task for myself anyway. The bounty was eventually claimed by Emily Dirsh who did a great job with her template—I particularly liked the bullet points, which matched the outline of the Fedora logo.

Anyway, I did have the odd bit of free time here and there to work on something, and, building on the provided base file,  this is the result. Structurally, it’s not quite what I wanted—no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the two slide masters to use different backgrounds[2]—but it looks just the same.

<EDIT>Following Emily’s suggestion on Mo’s blog, I’ve put my template on the Fedora wiki.</EDIT>

Title slide
Ordinary slide

The first image represents the title slides, which use a central background graphic and right-aligned text. The second image is typical of the other slides, which feature centred slide headings, and an upper background graphic.

The GIMP was used to create the background images. Plain grey layers were treated with the HSV Noise filter at two different settings (noted in the layer titles) to create the grain, and the Fedora Logo was rotated and masked into matching-blue rectangles to create the two title-area background sections. Finally a layer with a simple white-black radial gradient was multiplied over the top to create the vignette.

My source files are below. Watch out for the GIMP file—it’s quite big.

I found the Fedora logo in SVG format at Wikipedia. The Comfortaa and Droid Sans typefaces were downloaded from Font Squirrel.

If anyone would like to use these files, they are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY) licence. Something along the lines of a simple “Based on a template by Marc Stewart” in the metadata or on the final slide will suffice.

[1] As it turned out, I was very right, but that’s another story.

[2] If you know how to make a template file with different slide master backgrounds save properly, please tell me.