YouTube Studio Tour: Character Development

What if everyone on YouTube were an actor hired by the studio? Eventually there’d be a behind-the-scenes documentary, right?

This is part 3 of that programme, exploring the process of character development.

“YouTube Studio Tour: Character Development”

“YouTube Studio Tour: Character Development” by Marc Stewart.

Following the moderate success (only four ratings so far, but all of them 5 stars) of my debut animation on YouTube, I’ve been encouraged to share another.  And this is it.

The idea for a behind-the-scenes tour of a fictionalised YouTube in which everyone is an actor came to me after seeing so many fakes/cheaters revealed videos turn up in my search results.  At about the same time, I saw a Blunty3000 video in which it struck me that his comments could easily be taken out of context.  Specifically, the line Some people seem to be under the mistaken impression I’m not being clever or witty here.—which is the line I’m most pleased with—jumped out at me as a possibility.  Choosing him and that line led me to consider that he’d made a Lego animation YouTube didn’t like, and was upset about it.  And because Lego people don’t blink, that creation became Paperlilies with her death stare.  I also felt that, unlike some YouTubers apparently, these two would recognise my mockumentary as such and take their misrepresentations in the right spirit.  I hope I’m right.  <EDIT>It turned out that I was, with reactions of awesome! and clever.  Woohoo!</EDIT>

I should also point out in credit to others that two of the backdrops in the studio behind Charlie the Penguin are screenshots of empty rooms from other YouTube channels.  These are AericWinter and—naturally, considering the video’s about actors—lonelygirl15.  The third backdrop, which is visible in a few frames when Charlie first appears, is a re-use of the weather map from my previously-posted video.

I have written or planned much of the rest of the programme but this is the only part I’m really happy with at the moment and I didn’t want it to sit on my hard drive while it waited for me to find time to improve the rest.  So here it is now.  Enjoy.