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  1. GNOME Battery-Charge–History Mock-Up

    Almost without exception, whenever I have my laptop running on battery power, I have the Power Statistics window open on one of the workspaces, showing me the battery charge history. It’s a great little chart that has magical powers to induce speedier working as I extrapolate that there’s only ten minutes of power left. But, with just a few small changes, I think it could be even better. Here’s how.

  2. Create Background Slideshows for your GNOME Desktop with CreBS

    For some time, GNOME has been able to use a series of images that change at specified intervals as the desktop background, but the XML files needed are time consuming to write or edit manually, and all users really ought to be able to create background slideshows with the same ease as setting static images as the wallpaper. I set out to make a programmatic solution, and so I present a little PyGTK app I call CreBS, an abbreviation of Create Background Slideshow.